CES responses are publicly available.  The CES Dataverse is the go-to website to download various CES datasets.

CES on Crunch

CCES Crunch

In addition, we also provide a version of the Common Content datasets on Crunch, an analytics interface optimized for survey data. A crunch widget, as shown below, allows users to make cross-tabulations and graphs of the dataset on the spot, without any programming.  The data in this widget is the Cumulative Common Content (2006 - 2020) , with some other issue questions added for illustration.

Crunch Interface

The crunch widget is flexible but has limited functionality. We welcome anyone into the full Crunch interface, which, as shown below, allows more comprehensive analyses and the ability to make your own sharable widgets. Currently we operate the system on an opt-in basis; please sign up . Access is free to anyone, and if you are instructor using CES for a class, we will be happy to add all your students as a group to multiple CES crunch datasets -- please contact one of us.

Some demonstrations of Crunch's use is below. For a quick primer, see Crunch's 5-minute video.

Crunch dashboard screenshot


Crunch Tabulations GIF

CES on Dataverse

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